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's not that there is a new obama, ala the many nixons of old, but the harm onizing conciliatory side of the political and personal character has been eclipsed by the side of him that is at once more insist ept and more visionary. and emboldened obama is demanding lawmakers include more revenue in any sequester deal on top of the tax increases he won in the fiscal cliff passage. it is this same obama who is making gun reform a top priority in the face of historic opposition. and it is the same obama who has promised to move forward with his own immigration bill if the is that the doesn't bring him one by march. to get it done, the president has developed a strategy. according to politico, quote, president obama's speeches have a familiar ring these days. tout what he's already done, say the public's in his corner, demand congress do something, lament washington dysfunction, layout his own plan, avoid details, urge voters to keep up the pressure. while the belly aching from gop leadership has also become a predictable response to this new strategy, what remains to be seen is whether and how the new pla
president george w. bush telling congress president obama's new immigration rules would have left the 9-11 hijackers stay in the u.s. even if they were picked up months before the deadly attacks. current policy prevents agents from arresting people solely from entering the country illegal lie. hackers broke into the web site for the federal reserve and stole personal information from bank execs. critical functions of the bank were not affected. the hackers used a weak spot to get in which has since been fixed. >> we have the chilling 911 audio from the moments after a former marine admit to do his sister that he had murdered former nif savy seal chris kyle. >> my brother just came by here. he's saying he committed a murder. i am terrified for my life. >> sa call to police from the mn accused of killing chris kyle and his friend littlefield on a texas shooting range. they got to the lodge around 6:30 saturday. hour and a half later the worker found two bodies covered in blood with multiple gun shot wounds. cops say the suspect former marine reservist eddy ray shot both with a semi automa
roosevelt laid out his vision for a new national and eight decades later president obama did essentially the same thing. >> obama: this is a make or break moment for the middle class, and all of those fighting to get into the middle class, because what is at stake is whether this will be a country where worker people will make enough to raise a family build a modest savings, own a home, secure their retirement. >> jennifer: that was essentially the same message that got the president reelected with perhaps the most diverse coalition in the history of this country, wealthy, middle class, poor, religious, non-religious. he fluing the doors right open, and americans of all stripes came rushing in. and then in his second inaugural address he brought back some of the same language. >> obama: we believe that america's prosperity must ride on the shoulders of a thriving middle class. when the wages of honest labor liberate families from the brink of hardship. >> jennifer: and this time the media got the message loud and clear. after his inauguration speech newspapers acro
. >> and an interview with cbs news, president obama indicated his support for the change. >> the scouts are a great institution that is promoting young people and exposing them to opportunities and leadership that will serve people for the rest of their lives. nobody should be barred from that. >> a testis-a texas republican says he hopes the organization 62 is values. >> there is a major generational divide when it comes to gay leaders ask that leaders. americans over 50 years old 39%. but the boy scouts of america's -- if the boy scouts of america lift the ban, and it will choose have the decision. >> a baltimore native and a san francisco congressman was caught in the middle when it came to the super bowl. coming up, how the ravens have taken on the trophy. see where she is saying about their victory. hasbro has unveiled its new token. >> you are watching abc seven news at noon. on your side. >> disaster teams are working to reach for a village in the solomon islands after they were hit by a salami. a magnitude eight earthquake struck off the coast of santa cruz island. at least five people have
miller, wbal tv 11 news. >> president obama was in annapolis previewing his plans for this term. >> much more on the big deadline in washington, d.c. >> high-school football stars make their pick on where they will play for college. later in sports. >> a storm forming on the coast could impact or whether for friday >> president obama is hoping to get more democrats behind with his plans for this term. that is where the president addressed democrats at a closed- door democratic retreat. he delivered a preview of next week's state of the union address in hopes of getting more lawmakers on board with his push for immigration reform and a ban on assault weapons. >> the next major deadline is march 1, when a budget deal leaves to be reached. it is not the so-called sequestration will force mandatory reductions in military spending. army training and air force flying hours and global naval operations will shrink. also cuts looming in the social services. some republicans said push the deadline back seven months but house speaker john boehner said he will not blank. not blank in effect. >> i ha
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: in national news. president obama is asking congress to come up with tens of billions of dollars in short-term spending cuts and tax revenues to delay automatic spending cuts. those cuts are scheduled to kick in march 1st. mister obama says the nation should move forward with a broad package for tax reform and spending cuts. but if congress can't act before the deadline. lawmakers should at least pass a small package to fend off damaging effects that would be felt across the board. >> our economy is headed in the right direction right now. >> pam: president obama says the proposals he offered house speaker john boehner late last year during discussions over the so- called fiscal cliff are still on the table. however -- boehner says additional tax hikes are out of the question. >> pam: we're learning more about the gunman -- jimmy lee dykes -- who kidnapped a five year old boy. and held him hostage for nearly a week in an underground bunker in alabama. here are new photos released by the f-b-i showing photos right outside the underground bunker. the f-b-i says dykes was involved in a firef
. at legalzoom.com we put the law on your side. >>> stories making news this morning. president obama is building support for the immigration reform plan. he is meeting with leaders of the white house an they create a guest worker program to allow future immigrants to come to the u.s. legally. the president will make the first visit to israel this spring for tauctionz that might repair a strained relationship of benjamin netanyahu. the president also is planning to make stops in the west bank in jordan. >>> this is day two of the iranian leader ahmadinejad's visit to egypt. a protester threw a shoe at him. >>> in california, reaction to police stocking a mock massacre in a school to teach students how to stop an attack like the shootings in connecticut. critics say that using fake blood and pretending to kill the shooters is too traumatic so soon after sandy hook. >>> some new york state republican lawmakers want to limit governor andrew cuomo's use of powers to pass the strongest gun control law in the country. stephen mick glock lyn say they object to voting on the bill the same night it was in
skills to hollywood. >>> a new action figure of president obama is on sale showing him with a shotgun. perfect for skeet shooting. >>> dick morris left fox news after an amazing series of wrong predictions. >>> marco rubio give an interview in which he was talking very seriously about murder wrap stars like biggy small, just like you're wondering, he preferred tupac shakur. >> i think tupac's lyrics are more enciteful. i think his music is better. >> we just thought you should know. that's going to be your morning dish of scrambled politics. bill karins, tupac or biggy. >> tupac. >> i like them both. >> you're so politically correct. that's no fun. >> i know. you're the nice angel. >> don't you see my halo? >> i do. good morning, everyone. let's talk about this upcoming storm. if you're in new england, this is the storm of the winter for you. i'm talking friday, friday night into saturday morning. but first, let's take you into what has to happen for the ingredients to all come together. the moisture is beginning to increase over texas. this is the storm system, the energy that will h
for president obama to moderate. new gallup poll for example says that in january 7' 0% of american hispanics approve of the job barack obama is doing. that number is up from 53% this time last year. and it is the immigration debate that has hispanics cheering on the president. talking points is not a party -- i want solutions. not politics. right now we are not seeing honest debate in america. and that is hurting august of us. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. president obama's biggest critics is senator rand paul from kentucky. >> mr. president, don't you realize as you are piling this debt on the backs of working people that gas prices have doubled, food prices are rising at double digits and 11 million people are out of work? i want you to ask the president this when he comes up here. where the hell were the marines in libya. where the hell were the marines. no marines guarding our ambassador? i'm afraid president obama may have this king complex sort of developing. we are going to make sure that it doesn't happen. >> bill: joining us now from washington is senator paul.
morning, welcome back. here are some stories making news this morning. president obama's building support for his immigration support plan. he's meeting labors of business and activist groups at the white house. the president will make visit t spring. president obama is also planning to make stops on the west bank of jordan. >>> this is day two of iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad to egypt. the first by an iranian leader in 30 years. at one point he had to leave the mosque when a protester threw a shoe at him. >>> and a mock shooting at school. using it it too dramatic too soon after sandy hook. >>> some lawmakers want to limit governor cuomo's use of his powers. steven mclaughlin said he rejected it the day it was used. >> if that's not dictatorial, i don't know what is. hitler would be proud. mussolini would be proud of what we did here. moscow would be proud but that's not democracy. >> the comments were immediately rejected by leaders of both parties and mclawn lynn apologized. >>> we have spectacular images of nasa of the spiral galaxy 20 mill light years from earth. abbott cente
next week based on the report. linda stow, abc 2 news. >>> president obama will be in annapolis. he's going to talk strategy with u.s. senate democrats at a closed-door retreat. the president is expected to discuss financial matters as well as gun control and immigration. >>> also today governor martin o'malley will testify on the gun control bill. he'll appear before senate judicial proceedings committee in annapolis. the governor wants to ban assault-style guns and require restrictions for handguns. the measure would also set aside in the state budget for safety. >>> police are still trying to figure out what led to a deadly stabbing just as the raven's victory celebration was wrapping up yesterday. the victims sadly are three teenagers. this happened around 1:30 yesterday afternoon in downtown baltimore. one of those victims was killed, the two others seriously hurt. it's not yet clear now why teens were down there for that parade, how this possibly happened that led to one person being dead. >>> speaking of the celebration itself, head coach john harbaugh told fans they were
prosecutors say they had nothing to do with it. i am jayne miller, wbal tv 11 news. >> president obama was in annapolis previewing his plans for this term. >> much more on the big deadline in washington, d.c. >> high-school football stars make their pick on where they will play for college. later in sports. >> a storm forming on the coast could impact or whether for friday >> president obama is hoping to get more democrats behind with his plans for this term. that is where the president addressed democrats at a closed- door democratic retreat. he delivered a preview of next week's state of the union address in hopes of getting more lawmakers on board with his push for immigration reform and a ban on assault weapons. >> the next major deadline is march 1, when a budget deal leaves to be reached. it is not the so-called sequestration will force mandatory reductions in military spending. army training and air force flying hours and global naval operations will shrink. also cuts looming in the social services. some republicans said push the deadline back seven months but house speaker john
figured out a legal way to do it without lawmakers. danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. >>> president obama called for the five-day delivery service in his latest budget proposal. >>> right now fairfax county fire investigators on the scene of an explosion at a lorton sandwich shop. at least one person suffered burns when that blast happened on richmond highway near green castle lane just before 11:00 this morning. authorities are trying to determine if the blast was intentional or accidental. >>> the issue of gays joining the boy scouts of america has been put on hold. leaders say they need more time to deliberate. the organization's executive board was expected to vote today on whether to allow gay members and leaders to join. but no matter the decision is going to bring lots of fallout. religious leaders argue that banning gays from the boy scouts is the right thing to do. however, gay rights advocates are calling for the organization to be more inclusive. >>> the virginia man charged with the shooting at family research council has pleaded guilty. floyd corkins shot
and glitz team visit to new orleans. >> president obama is asking the congress to head off those automatic spending cuts that could hurt the economy, if they kick in if scheduled march 1. the president is proposing a smaller budget deal now and a bigger one later. danielle nottingham has the latest. >> president obama is calling on congress to stop massive automatic spending cuts with a short-term fix. >> our economy right now is headed in the right direction. it will stay that way as long as there aren't anymore self- inflicted wounds coming out of washington. >> congress and the president signed off on the automatic cuts to force themselves to deal with the nation's skyrocketing debt. the original deadline was january 1, and when they couldn't reach a larger budget deal then, they postponed it to march 1. >> the white house wants another short-term fix to head off a hit to the fragile economy and give lawmakers more time to work out a ten-year plan. >> we should give them the chance to come up with this budget instead of making cuts now that will cost us jobs and significantly slow
president obama was first elected. he was elected on november 4th, 2008. and after the partisan combat of that election faded quickly and the country absorbed that this was going to be our new president of the united states, the approval ratings for barack obama soared. his approval rates went to 79%. by inauguration day 2009, nearly two million people would turn out on the national mall to see him sworn in. it was a heady, heady time whether or not you had voted for him. but of course that was not true for everybody. election day was november 4th. november 10th, so six days later, not even a week later, there was one republican congressman from georgia who was already denouncing the president-elect as both a marxist and a nazi. if you think about it, it's kind of a hard thing to pull off simultaneously, right? a marxist and a nazi? look at the time stamp here. november 10th, 2008. congressman paul broun of georgia telling the associated press already at that point that he, quote, fears that president-elect obama will establish a gestapo-like security force to impose a marxist dictator
obama and its policies. he broke the story ahead of the president's announcement for new choice of cia director, john brennan. john brennan was once the deputy cia director. he is now president obama's counterterrorism director at the white house. but if he is to run the cia for president obama, john brennan is first going to have to face questions on thursday about some of what michael isikoff turned up here on this program last night. a justice department white paper elaborating the administration's reasoning for why it thinks it is legal to kill american citizens on the president's say so. or actually, on the say so of an informed high level official of the u.s. government. so maybe that's the president, but maybe that's somebody else. michael isikoff's scoop ended up at "the new york times" today and "the washington post" and "the hill" and slate and salon and ap to name a few. it was everywhere. and then at a press conference today, the attorney general was asked about it. >> last night nbc reported a white paper that was prepared by the justice department undated, unsigned about
minutes. >>> welcome back. here are some stories making news this morning. president obama is building support for his immigration support plan. meeting at the white house as they create a guest worker program to allow future immigrants to come to the u.s. legally. the president will make his first visit to israel this spring for talks that might repair a strange relationship. >>> modesto, california, reaction to police staging a mock massacre at a school to teach students and staff how to stop an attack like the shootings in connecticut. critics are saying, though, using fake blood and pretending to shoot the shooters is too traumatic after sandy hook. >>> charged with new crimes. bobbie jo maxwell will answer for three new murders. investigators say maxwell was the skid row stabber from the 1970s. >>> some new york state republican lawmakers want to limit governor andrew cuomo's use of his powers to pass the strongest gun control move in the country. steven mclaughlin object to voting on the bill the same night it was introduced. >> don't question it, just vote. that's basically the
accident injured seven. you can follow us on twitter at abc7 news bay area. president obama is nominating the head of r.e.i. to be next secretary of the interior. she is currently the president and c.e.o. of r.e.i. and was in commercial banging and as engineer for mobile and known for promoting environmental health f approved she will relays outgoing interior secretary salazar. >> the most feared fish in the ocean may need to be protected. we are talking about the great white shark. the process will start this summer. surveys show the population off our coast is so low that the sharks could be on the brink of extinction. >> expecting a baby? watch the air you breathe. those who breathe polluted air have a higher risk for babies with low birth rate. it is associated with increased infant mortality, as well as childhood and adult diseases. scientists studied three million births around the world. the study is published in the environmental health perspective >> hours before showers, right? >> several hours. just tomorrow morning and the commute will be affected. a little. you can see we are
been stabilized and it is no longer dangling off the side of the freeway but on the overpass. >> new this morning, president obama. we have learned will not nature someone for the outgoing interior secretary salazar, an official of the r.e.i. sporting chain will be named. americans approve how president obama is handling immigration issues. the new washington post/abc news poll shows 49 percent believe he is on the right track. 43 percent disapprove. >> in the bay area, san francisco mayor lee is expected to announce his choice to fill the assessors post vacated by a newly elected council member. the mayor could be facing pressure to name another woman or asian to replace chu on the board. >> tone the concorde planning commission is meeting to talk of a ban on outdoor growth of medical marijuana. the contra costa times reports that the city attorney will ask the commission to recommend a ban, limiting the marijuana growing to inside homes. one resident is promising to challenge the resolution with a legal backyard grow. they already ban medical marijuana dispensaries. >> beyonce's su
and chairs! [laughter] of course, obama claims he's not trying to take away our guns, and even told the new republic, "up at camp david, we do skeet shooting all the time." i'm not the only one who doesn't believe this bull skeet. jim? >> few people are buying president obama's claim that he is a big fan of skeet shooting. >> if he is a skeet shooter, why have we not heard of this? why has he not referenced it at any point in time? >> i love the fact that he picked the safest thing. there's no live animals being hurt. of course, the kids aren't around. [laughter] >> stephen: yeah. [ laughter ] >> stephen: if obama really loved guns, why would he be using them safely? he'd be waving 'em around at a petting zoo, picking off baby goats. [laughter] but the white house wasn't done spinning this story. to counter the skeptics, they released this photo of him shooting a gun. folks, it doesn't prove he was shooting skeet. as one critic pointed out "the president is holding the shotgun as one would hold and aim a rifle. if the president were actually shooting on a skeet or trap range, he would have
, long lasting gaviscon®. >> on immigration, a brand new poll shows. a career-high for president obama's handling of immigration. up 11 points since last july. as i reported earlier, 91% now support his proposal for universal background checks on health care. michigan governor rick snyder announced today he's supporting the president's medicaid expansion. that includes arizona governor jan brewer. remember her? >> things are changing. is the right wing propaganda machine, it seems to be changing, too. >> political analyst dick morris is out at fox news. he follows sarah palin out the door at fox news. this is slow. sometimes halting change. but it's adding up to real, measurable progress. joining me now is joy and ryan. joy, is it me or are you sensing a shift here? >> you know what, rev, the republican party is really three parties. it's kind of -- i hate to say it, archie bunker sort of party. and for the last four years, the archie bunker wing has been ascended because it was their visceral reaction to obama and they were content to let the evangelicals run in front of them. now, wh
administration, it's disgusting under the obama administration. if you're an obama supporter i got news for you, it is worse than what bush did. dick cheney couldn't imagine executing u.s. citizens without a trial abroad. obama has gone one step further than them. if you don't like those facts that's a sad day for you. those are facts. they are indisputable. we have the white paper now that shows. according to the white paper the standards are: >> an informed leader, then of course execute away. number two: except in the memo, they changed the definition of imminent to mean not immediate. do you understand that? it is not actually eminent. so one who might pose a threat at a later time and if we don't know if they changed their mind later, that's also another sad day, we execute them anyway without asking a soul about it. number three: >> of course, later in the memo, it plains we wouldn't want to place an undue burden on our forces to capture them. if it's an undue burden to capture them, let's execute them anyway. this is unbelievable. thee american citizens have been executed. two of them, h
of his own making, trying to defer sequester, which was his administration's idea. president obama showing no sign of regret or even irony nor any sign that his refusal to support a legally mandated budget by yesterday's deadline would have tempered, if not resolved the entire fiscal mess. fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry with our report. >> warning the nation' economic recovery is in the balance, president obama pled with congress to a stop a series of massive spending cuts come barging into instead come up with a short-term come up of lesserpending cuts plus tax increases beyond what he signed at the end of december. >> if they can't get a bigger package done by the time the sequester is scheduled to go into effect, then i believe that they should at least pass a smaller package. >> the president said this quest to put hundreds of thousands of jobs in jeopardy from classrooms to the pentagon and defens contractors like lockheed martin which today announced hundreds of layoffs. mr. obama said damage can be stopped if only republicans will instead accept the white
? >>> and further news how paul broun is adjusting to a second term of barack obama, senators decided in virginia that vote shotgun be made much harder in that state. in the state of arkansas, republicans voted their state should ban abortion at 20 weeks. this comes just days after republicans in the senate there voted that their state should ban abortion not at 20 weeks, but at six weeks. in iowa today, a new round of polling shows that iowa republicans first choice for their open seat does remain congressman steve king. congressman steve king, seen here in this footage, demonstrating on the floor of the house how he thinks that immigrants should be electrocuted just like livestock. the announcement from karl rove's money machine a few days ago that they would try to stop candidates like steve king and paul broun from continuing to cost the republican party seats in the u.s. senate. the reaction to that announcement on the right was immediately and uniformly and vociferously hostile. how dare karl rove and his money guys try to do any such thing. and so yes, paul broun and steve king may be the
, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> president barack obama will try to get support from senate democrats for his second term agenda. he is meeting with senators at their annual retreat and president barack obama will press the senator for a unified front on gun control and immigration reform and budget issues. he will hear from them on thursday. >>> several celebrities are heading to capitol hill to join the debate over gun control. there are several celebrities among those to call on congress to enact universal gun weapons ban and they are part of the website demand a plan. >>> redwood city police are tightening security as a result of newtown connecticut shooting. they include elementary school campuses and they plan on holding full scale emergency drills to simulate a shooter on campus. the president will offer a plan at a school board meeting one week from today. >>> one person is dead including a 10-year-old boy after a tsunami was triggered in the islands. hospital workers say most of the damage is confined to the santa cruz islands. rescue workers are trying to reach three more vi
reforms next week based on that report. linda stow, abc 2 news. >>> president barack obama will be in the state capitol of annapolis. the president is heading there to address u.s. senate democrats during their annual retreat. the event is an opportunity for each cause to talk about the strategy for the upcoming year and a calmer -- in a calmer setting than our nation's capitol. >>> jurors are still trying to come up with a verdict in the felicia barnes murder trial. day three of deliberations will begin this morning. jurors got the case on monday and spent yesterday going over all the evidence. late in the afternoon they asked to watch two videotapes the state showed earlier in the trial. jurors wanted to see surveillance video from wal- mart of the defendant, michael johnson, buying a plastic tub. they also rewatched that infamous sex tape involving involving johnson, barnes and two other people. the state says johnson killed barnes and dumped her body in the susquehanna river. his attorneys say they never proved motive. stay with abc 2 news. brian will be in the courtro
about the deficit is going to be below a trillion dollars. that's great news. the bad news and there is a lot of it. the next 10 years medicare will cost $1 trillion a year. obama-care subsidies will total nearly a trillion dollars. the cost of medicaid will double and the debt will go to the highest portion of tour economy than it's been in a generation. there is dismal views on the current state of the economy. 1.4% growth this year and the unemployment rate will rise at 8% and stay that way for years to come. martha: the cbo makes very clear we need to do some entitlement work and recraft these programs if we want them to be our for our children. why does the administration not appear to be too concerned about doing that. >> reporter: you have to ask, is deficit reduction a priority of the obama pad min straition? it doesn't seem like it. just yesterday the president was trying to avoid the big spending cuts. he's trying to avoid that. there is a faction within the democrat party that says debt doesn't matter, we have beaten it. whether that's true or not. deficit reduct
ahead of john brennan's confirmation hearing to head the cia, the obama administration's drone program is drawing new scrutiny from both sides of the aisle and raising big questions about just how far the government should go in targeted assassinations without oversight from congress or from the courts. joining me now for our daily fix, msnbc contributor and "usa today" washington bureau chief. chris, first to you, i don't think there is any big question so far as to whether or not john brennan is going to be confirmed at least going into the hearing, but this is a real debate now. because of michael isikoff breaking the story and finding that white paper, and discovering that the justice department had at least september that much to the hill, some members, the 11 senators and at least three the committee asking big questions about why there isn't more oversight. >> what's fascinating is when they announced the trio of nominations, john kerry at state, chuck hagel at defense and john brennan for cia, i remember being on the show and saying i think hagel will be the most controversial
. president obama weighed in, opposing the ban, in an interview with cbs news. >> gays and lesbians should have access and opportunity the same way everybody else does, in every institution and walk of life. >> brown: and on monday, scouts and their families delivered petitions bearing more than a million signatures calling for an end to the ban to the b.s.a.'s national headquarters in irving, texas. but some churches and others warned that if the ban is abolished, they will drop their sponsorship of scout chapters. and republican governor rick perry of texas, an eagle scout himself, argued that lifting the ban would go too far. >> scouting is about teaching a substantial amount of life lessons. sexuality is not one of them. it never has been, it doesn't need to be. you know, i think most people see absolutely no reason to change their position. and neither do i. >> brown: today, the "boy scouts of america" board decided to delay any decision. they issued a statement saying, "due to the complexity of this issue, the organization needs time for a more deliberate review of its membership pol
to handle the issue. president obama weighed in on the debate in an interview with "cbs evening news" anchor scott pelley. he says it's time for change. >> my attitude is that gays and lesbians should have access and opportunity the same way everybody else does in every institution and walk of life. >> the boy scouts of america has more than two million members nationwide. >>> the san jose city council will decide next week if it will get involved in the supreme court case concerning gay marriage in california. the city may join san francisco in filing arguments against proposition 8. the u.s. supreme court is due to hear those arguments in late march. the high court is reviewing last year's ruling that prop 8 is unconstitutional. >>> in healthwatch, a new study shows mothers exposed to pollution are more likely to have babies with lower birth weights. the study looked at more than three million births all around the world. researchers found areas with higher pollution also had higher numbers of babies born under 5.5 pounds. >>> the cocktail lovers
, even though she's not a declared office. the actress is being mocked in a new political ad. called judd a quote, obama following radical hollywood liberal right at home here in tennessee. i mean, kentucky. the actress is mulling over a bid against republican leader, mitch mcconnell. the ad was paid for by american cross road. the super pack cofounded by paul roe. >>> more praise for the baltimore ravens. the super bowl champs got a big thumb's up from a house minority leader and baltimore native. >> they beat a mighty champion at the super bowl. as a proud 49er fan who grew up on johnny united in baltimore, going to those games as a teenager and raising my own children on joe montana and steve young, you can just imagine how exciting this game was. >> congresswoman pelosi's district covers that and she was in new orleans for the game. >>> what will go down as one of the easiest drug busts of all time. we'll explain that. you are watching wusa9. we gotta sell the car. where would we even start? get the car. hi howard. get in. hi, good to see you. start with an actual written offer when
. fox news was talking about the obama hypocracy. but it's hard for them to attack obama for using the same act and authorization that president bush used. right? >> i think so. certainly -- there was always a minority in the republican party who were very uncom40al with the way bush used this stuff. ron paul on the edge of it. >> right. >> there has been a more libertarian wing and a wing that was skeptical of executive pour in particular. so i think for some, you know for that part of the republican party, they have been consistently opposed. drones are becoming, if pulook to fox news and talk radio a little further out to the right, like they are getting paranoid about drones because they see like there is a sense on the right. i mean drones are the new black helicopters. >> bill: yeah. yeah. right. fair. they may be in pakistan today but they will be here tomorrow. >> out to get he man. >> 866-55-press, ben smith from buzzfeed joining us, and you can join the conversation at any time at 8 situation66-55-press. >> this is the bill press shows. [ mu
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